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fav scene

 nothing much. just wanna post my fav scene from my fav ‘feel good’ drama of all time, coffee prince. but before the clip makes u confused, the heroin is the one who received the phone call. yes, true. she looks like a boy, a pretty boy to be accurate. but that’s what the drama is all about. in the beginning (not really beginning, it was from episode 1 to 10, out of 16 episodes), the hero thought the girl is a guy, so he hired her to work in his coffee shop that employs men employees only. the girl was so desperate for a job (because she just lost 2 of her jobs), she just went along with that false thoughts of the hero. along the way, the hero developed a feeling towards her (who he thought as ‘him’), but he can hardly admitted himself for being a gay. he went to see a psychiatric for advices about his identity but the psychiatric was a slop. because of reputation, family and friends (he grows up in a well-reputation family), he decided to draw a distance from the girl to stop himself from feeling that way to the girl. but that made his life more miserable, and after a thorough thinking, he decided to just go with it and ignore what other people might say about him being a gay. he revealed to the girl about his feelings and surprisingly (to him, not to us – the audience), she always have a feeling for him as well. his famous line for that scene is,

‘i dont care it anymore if you are a man or an alien, i like you’

yes, this happens only in a drama or a movie, i reality, will u fall in love with someone who looks like E.T.?

so here’s the famous amos clip from the drama:

below is the same clip (shorter one) with english sub. it just that i hate it that the uploader cut the scene (she focused only on the hero’s face, wonder why eh? hehe), so the jalan cite was not complete.

sweet o sweet. but is this real??? what do you think guys?

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duniaa baruu yay!

aku, bila dah datang semangat naga ke 7, mulalah update every 5 minute. anyway, just a short one. dunia barru season 3 dah start. the first episode was awesome. i really missed the drama, suka nyaaa bestt. it is definitely my fav malay drama so far. hopefully opie akan together with muhammad adiff (kap ba ro kap alif ta nun-keberkatan! only those who watched the drama understand this hehe). i like them together…sweet..or maybe they are sweet for being friends and not a couple? i dont know, just have to wait for the next episodes…


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point (b)

Music: Dewi by Dewa

Drama: One Fine Day (Korean)

to be frank, dah takde mood nak update pasal point b, c, etc ni. in fact, i dont even remember what are the point c, etc. so a brief on point b):

 erlinnn’s defense

the next day after i left to turku, erlin had her defense. dalam banyak2 tarikh, time tu jugaklaahh ada 2 important things happened at one time…so me and helenaa, we decided to leave early from the seminar. after the first presentation, we took a cab to the railway station. we arrived in helsinki at 12 noon an erlinnn’s defense was supposed to  start at 12. we ran like crazy and grabbed a cab. entah taxi sapa2, main masuk je. rasa mcm amazing race pulak, asal jgn kena sumpah seranah ngan org sudah…rasa lama sangat dalam taxi tu, felt like ages. yalah bila kita nak cepat memang rasa mcm tu. sampai kat sekolah, terus berlari ke hall dengan luggage. adakah aku peserta akademii fantasia yg tersingkir???

anyway, i sat beside kimi and annar. kimm said she just started about 3 minutes. alhamdulillah sempat sampai. the presentation took about 45 min if im not mistaken. erlinn was beautiful, very stylish, in a long black suit, with contact lense and a shining shoes (mesti baru beli!) her prof, took photos banyak gila. well-equipped with his slr canon camera, dengan long lense, click22222 banyak kali, flash here and there all over the hall, ke sini ke sana dalam dewan tu amik gambar. tak dengar un si erliinn tu defense….hahaha, until a one point, he doesnt look like a prof anymore but more like a paparazzi..serious! a paparazzi wearing a tuxedo! after the presentation, there went the defense session. the opponent summarized her work, erliinnn read out a standard speech, announcing that te defense session is now begin. i think the whole process and formality buat goosebump aku naik. the defense session went so well. the opponent is definitely a very nice prof. he asked a lot of brilliant questions but in a very good way. so u (i mean erliinn) will feel good inside…that’s important rather than asking questions harshly. dahlah student tu ketakutan, kalau kena tanya mcm dalam court, or even worse, macam kena soal siasat, there might be a probaility we can wee in our pants. then, erliin read another announcement, inviting audinces to ask questions. nobody asked anything. that’s how usually things go. y bother asking he now if u can asked her for 10 hours in a row the next day at her home, etc.  kesianlah kan, org tu dah nervous semacam. i hope tradition ni continue utk junior2 akan datang hehehe.

the whole event ended at 2 pm. according to seniors, this is one of the fastest defense so far. meaning erlinn did so well. after the opponent summarized everything, we went for a coffee and cake (amalan wajib). before that we need to queue and congratulate her one by one in person. suddenly out of the blue, aku rasa terharu pulak. tak boleh tahan dah, aku cuba macam2 tak nak emotional pasal ramai org seh. lagipun kenapa nak emtional??? i’m not even in the picture. majlis org lain aku pulak yg terharu. bila sampai turn aku, habis hujan turun (i cried). i just cannot bear it anymore. we hugged. deep down i think the reason y i cried was because i felt so happy for her, and i was very proud of her. i’m close to her so i know she really deserved it.

to my friend Erlinnn, congratulation! you’ve made it!

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quick note

am watching separuh akhir muzik2 22, category balada. it’s the fifth song now. a quick note on the song entitled ceritera kasih, sang by jaclyn victor and Lah VE.  the original singers are jaclyn and another guy, but Lah replacing him because of some reasons. the song was great. i really like the song dari dulu, but to watch Lah and Jac sang it, it was superb! Lah really has a great voice, unbelievable. both of them had a good chemistry singing that song together. bravo!  in fact they looked good together (crazy eh?). i hope the song will make it through to the final. by now the results are already there, tapi tak nak check. nak suprise. kalau tak no use of watching it anymore. ct nurhalizaa, she sang very well too. suara dia memang sedap, undeniable. but the song, tak tahu, personally i dont really into it. it’s not catchy enough. a forgettable song. banyak lagi lagu dia yg lain sedap2, hmm wonder why she decided to have that one in the competition. but it’s not all about sedap di telinga, it’s about the quality of the song anyway. and i believe they know better about that compared to us, the listeners…heheh..well2…anyway, aku harap jac and Lah will go through! (pity the composer and the lyricist heheh)…


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2 weeks

Music: Fei Ni Mo Shu by Ariel Lin

Drama: One Fine Day (Korean)

dah lama tak update. bila dah lama sangat, and so many things did happened,i don’t know where to start…before i get so lazy, and finally lost the momentum, i decide to give some updates. basically the past 2 weeks were packed, hectic, tiring…anyway here are some points i want to share with u on what i went through:

a) i had an annual post graduate seminar of chem eng students in turku last thursday and friday (8-9 nov). in finland, there are 4 universities offering chem eng course. in the seminar, we had to give a presentation on our research (a short one of a 15-min duration). we were divided into 3 groups: each group had a chairman and an award committee representative. on the day before (wed), me and helenaa, we decided to gave the presentation to our lab members. actually, it was helenaa’s idea (no, it was her prof’s idea). she asked me to present as well since both of us are going to the seminar. macam reherseal lah. to be frank, aku lebih nervous to present in front of the lab members rather than in the seminar.  sebab lab tu org kenal kita (so aku malu, since when eh?). plus lab banyak doctorates, so that makes me more nervous. we brought cookies because the presentation took place in the coffee room, during the morning coffee break (yes, they have twice coffee breaks a day). the presentation went well, i got a few questions and a comment telling me to remember where actually my audience are. helenaa was having a hard time. i think basically because most of the audience are people from her lab. they know what she’s doing, so they can asked a lot (really a lot!). lepas present, prof aku datang, gave some input for me to modify the power points. esok pagi i left home at 6.20 am, took a bus to the train station, arrived in helsinki railway st. around 7 am, and the train to turku will leave only at 7.35 am. takpe aku sanggup tunggu dari tertinggal. i saw cheng huii, he also headed to the same seminar. good, at least i had someone to talk to while waiting. we had a seat very close to each other even though we bought the tickets separately, surprise2. then helena came, 5 min before the train left. she lives in helsinki, biasalah selalunya org paling dekat sampai paling lewat (sama lah macam dulu aku keje, tinggal dalam kawasan keje tapi sampai selalu plg lewat). sampai sana, we took a cab to the university. we registered, had a drink and a bun before the opening ceremony started. then the presentation started in 3 separate rooms. i was the second presenter in the first room. it went wel alhamdulillah. i tried so hard not to exceed the 15 min given because i’m afraid the chairman will asked me to stop before i reached the conclusion (like what happened to the presenter before me). malangnya, since i finished quite early, there’s a lot of time left, the chairman asked the audiences to ask A LOT of questions (menyesal aku). the questions from the opponents were ok (answerable). basically each student needs to be an opponent to the other student.since banyak masa lagi lepas tu, questions from other people pun ada. the Qs from the director of the graduate association and the chairman alhamdulillah ok boleh jawab. but then there was this guy, quite mysterious. we didnt know him. he sat in the front. he asked me a lot of questions and the Qs were harsh. it was …apa eh, hard i must say. dia mcm ye ye oo mempertahankan apa pendapat dia about my research, and i answered him based on what i believe is right. it went quite tough, smapai satu tahap, both of us were loud. tapi truly, kalau untuk kebaikan aku terima, of course i will take the constructive comments to improve my work, kalau tak ngok lah aku kan. tapi kalau bende tu tak betul, and we know that he misunderstood something, kita tak boleh ye ye je. that’s not healthy. so kita mesti stand to what we believe and we actually do. last2 dia ok and dia senyum. i dont really know if that smile means he agreed or dalam hati dia ‘whatever’…hehehe and it’s ok with me, for me it was a beautiful experience. i never had that kind of experience before. and i dont know where that defensive punya attitude come from. but i glad i went through that. last2 baru aku tahu org tu is the award punya committee..man!!! hahaha, sah2 markah aku rendah…hahaha…then this girl, dia punya turn lagi kesian. she almosy cried. i dont blame her, if i were her, maybe i’ve already did. he asked her to write the eqaution on the board, bla bla and explained why her results does not obey the theory. it was tough but after the presentation i saw the girl and the prof discussed. the prof taught him something. then i knew that the prof was a really nice guy. his intention was to help the students to prepare for the defense and to improve the works. at the end of the presentation i simply said thanks to him…heheeh, i really feel i do…lepas tu, we had a tour to several labs in the U. then we went to the hotel. it was a great hotel. me and helenaa, we shared the room together. then at 7 pm we had a museum tour and a dinner in a big old ship. turku is a famous city for ships manufacture, they even get orders from the caribean manufacture cruises. in the museum they showed us one of the room in the caribean cruise, the room is much bigger than our hotel room. ada bath tub lagi. mcm cite titanic pulak. at dinner, everything went ok. the waiter asyik risau aku pasal aku ada diet constraint. so i had different meal as the main dish, i had fish, org lain chicken. tapi since org lain buffet dan aku punya served, dia bagi aku ikan besar gila pasal aku takleh nak tambah2. nak mati aku makan pasal tak habis kang kesian pulak org dah bagi, last2 aku makan lah apa terdaya. tak larat aku, takut kena cacing banyak sangat makan ikan.

after the dinner, kami balik. me and helenaa, we watched csi miami (i always like horatio more than the other two). tiba2 dia cakap, boleh tak nak tanya something, apa agama aku? aku jawab lah Islam. dia cakap aku tahu kan dia agama apa. aku jawab yes. then dia cakap boleh ke kalau kita nak bincang about agama. aku cakap yes sure, so we had a loongggg talk about our agama that i didnt even remember what time we slept hari tu cuma bila aku bangun aku pening2. tu maknanya tak cukup tidolah. perbualan to more to dia nak tahu lebih lanjut pasal Islam. macam mana agama dia dan mine berbeza. dia tanya konsep keimanan, tauhid, pasal nabi, pasal kitab (Al-Quran) and many others. dia cite pasal hers as well. aku doa masa tu yg penting aku mesti bg the right answer about my agama, jgn aku pulak menjadik fitnah kepada agama. and always make others  to know how easy, simple and beautiful islam is. dont talk about bersunat in  the first conversation esp if that friend is a guy. he’ll be freaking out. even though sekarang ramai non muslims pun bersunat for hygienic purpose, but still ada org yg tahu abt this. but i was soo glad we had this conversation. the fact that she was so open minded, she respects  other people’s religion, she listens well as i explained and i listen well too, both of us were satisfied. for me yg penting dia tahu what islam really is. pasal dia yg tanya dulu. and yg penting dia dapat the right message about islam and does not make her own perceptions or etc..

better stop here. still got point b), c) , d), e) to go. but later. need to go to the wc. emergency call. so laterrrr….

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is he your ahjussi, hyung, or oppa?

Music: Northern Lonely Hemisphere

Drama: Romantic Princess (Taiwan)

I watched my first korean drama err… (can’t really remember) i think, 4 years ago. it was my love patzzi, or was it the story of a bright girl? but the one that really ‘so-called’ inspired me and made me fall for korean dramas is winter sonata. i’ve heard of the drama long before i watched it. to be frank, i hated the theme song so much (too slow), sampai buat aku rasa teragak2 nak tgk cite tu. but i forced myself to borrow the cds from a friend and tried to watch the first episode because my husband and i, we planned to go to south korea for our honeymoon. and one of the itineraries was to visit nami island (if i’m not wrong, dah lupa), the famous shooting set of the drama. so in order to get the mood, i finally watched it. and the drama was soo good. i love the story line. it started from their high school days. sweet drama. and that led me to the second fav drama at that time, stairway to heaven. the lead actress is the same one as in winter sonata. but the lead actor is better. masa tu, song joo oppa (the hero’s name in the drama) was very famous among those who watched the drama. that was the first time i know what ‘oppa’ means…

since then, i watched uncountable nouns no. of korean dramas, and managed to learn few korean words (its not intentionally but they just keep rewinding in your head after hearing them so many times)…early this year, i watched ‘witch yoo hee’. i like it so much because it is a modern drama, with a lot of beautiful casts. it is a sweet and romantic one, the story line is quite cliche i must say, about how a nerd, successful, and rich girl turned out to be gorgeous after a makeover made by her good-looking house cleaner, who then she falls in love with (doesn’t make sense at all eh, where got handsome, local maid in malaysia, you know one?)…and from this drama, i know the ‘ahjussi’ term…

and the most recent one is ‘coffee prince’. i think people around me are getting bored listening to my friends and i talking about this drama. we watched it 2 times in a row (after finished watching the final episode of 17, we started back from episode 1, crazy huh?). personally, i think this is the best so far (i really mean it). soo sweetttt, beautiful casts, great and fast plot, touching but at the same time funny. it’s a wonderful drama (no wonder the rating was very high in south korea). and from this drama, i learn what ‘hyung’ and ‘dongsaeng’ mean…

i know i must be wrong somewhere. i didnt bother to check from dictionary or google them anyway. but based on my personal and humble understanding from watching all those dramas, i can briefly defined those terms as follow:

1) oppa – panggilan for a guy from a girl (woman). i think it means ‘abang’ in a ‘feeling way’. mcm mana nak explain, macam bahasa melayu jugak, abang tu kita guna utk abang kandung, utk org lebih tua, utk suami… i think oppa refers to abang yang lebih tua dari kita, is a panggilan manja or with feelings inside, it’s like when you adore a guy, u really want him to be your ‘oppa’.

2) ahjussi – panggilan utk lelaki from a girl (woman). it represents a respectful way of panggil lelaki.kalau dalam BM, aku rasa its like, ‘encik’ or ‘tuan’. particularly if the guy is stranger, OR, u know him well but you respect him so much, then you should call him ‘ahjussi’.

3) hyung and dongsaeng – panggilan utk lelaki from a guy. basically hyung ni panggilan for an older guy from a younger guy. it can be between brothers, or friends, or junior and senior (even though senior has its own term called ‘sunbae’). the older guy is called hyung and the younger one is called dongsaeng. between friends, this terms is used only between a very close buddies. like you take him as our own real brother. but in one of the dramas that i watched, a girl can also call a guy ‘hyung’, especially if they declare themselves as a very close friend or even as sworn brothers. that means, you are really close to the guy that he may take you as one of his male friends. in that drama, the guy like the girl so much but only as a friend. so he suggested that they call each other ‘hyung’ and ‘dongsaeng’. the girl agreed even though deep inside she really wants him to be her ‘oppa’ instead. i think i used to experience this kind of feelings before (entah, ingat2 lupa). that u like him ssooo much but he only like you so much as a friend. and it really hurts inside…

for me, the man i have in my life right now (of course i’m talking about my husband in particular) is my oppa (i love youu), my hyung (my gurdian and saviour), and my ahjussi (the family leader).

what about you? the man in your heart right now, under which category he basically falls in? oppa, hyung, or ahjussi?


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