Welcome Aboard!

Music: I Love You by Gong Yoo
Drama: Coffee Prince (Korean)

Assalamulaikum dan salam sejahtera,

A: Why so skema?

Me: because it’s my first entry!

hello guys, it’s me again! i think this is my forth blog since i first knew what blogging is all about. why keep on leaping from one blog to another? it’s not a hobby, definitely a no no. it just that if i didnt write for quite a long time, i lost the momentum, the mood, malas dah nak bukak blog yang sama, even the password i cannot remember it anymore. so why bother? just start a new one…

hopefully, this time the blog will be updated frequently. i’ll try my best, even though there’s nothing to write about, i’ll still say something here, just for the sake of giving it an update…

tapi bagus jugak i’m starting this new blog. since i am very apa eh, terus terang (aka laser? nooo) person, and i love to write stupid things, fun things, and crazy things, i dont want people around me to read this. around me means not within the same country as i am currently in. where is it anyway? the land of santa claus, it’s finland. and i dont want anybody from my workplace reading this. u know how kaypoh they can be…i want this to be my ‘tempat meluahkan perasaan and i just want to feel so free of writing what so ever i want without need to worry if i’m gonna meet one of the readers in the rumah terbuka raya next week, or etc. when i think of writing again, i would love it so much that my close friends will visit me here. of course who else, cik kieli, pudence, airene, all the other c club 7 members. and definitely new visitors are highly welcomed because i dont know them in person, so sedaplah aku nak cakap apa2 pun kat sini…

i guess this is enough for a start. will be writing about other stuffs later. what stuffs? biasalah, life, feelings, movies/music/artist (perlu ke?? perluuu), food, window shopping, friends, family, gossips (again perlu ke??? perlu cikgu!!)…

ok ciao!


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