Mind Your Language

Music: Eyes on Me by Faye Wong
Movie: Boku waimouto ni wa soru (Japanese)

A friend organized an open house today. her house is quite far from ours. the whole journey takes about 45 minutes. our house is on this end side of Espoo and hers is on the the other end side of Espoo. There are three buses that we can take to get to her house; No. 3, 5 and 35 (nice number, eh?) but only bus no. 35 is available for the weekend. bus 35 is also known as the ‘Espoo Tour Bus’. segala simpang, lorong kecik habis semua dia masuk….that’s why the journey takes forever…

the bus was quite crowded considering today is not a working day. among all the finns, there are 3 groups of minorities there: two korean males sitting in the front, me, myself and irene my husband and my son in the middle, and 4 indian males at the back. finns are well known for their…muteness??? (too quiet, i dont even know what term should i use)..and asian, well u know how we are…chatty and loud..as far as i concern, only japanese are more quiet and soft spoken..other asian people, we are like in the pasar malam all the time. we love to talk, we are friendly,and we talk loudly!

so can u imagine how was it in the bus siang tadi? yang depan tu ‘gedebam gedebum kimchi, kamsa hamida, aneyo hasseyo, gedebak gedebuk…yang aku ngan laki aku lagilah (i did most of the talking part obviously) ‘pok pek erra f, pok pek siti nurhaliezaaa, pok pek pang pung’ mcm2 cite keluar…and at the back, how should i describe it? its like you were watching an MGR movie (tamil movie)…punyalah kuat…pity the finns in the bus, they must think they are in some kind of Mr Brown (mind your language) class…

basically, one of the reasons why we speak loud in public kat sini sebab we know that nobody understands us. so kita tak rasa terkongkong, we feel like we are in…borderless world??? we can say anything we want freely, without thinking if it is appropriate or inappropriate…i guess that’s the main reason, not because we want to promote ‘Visit Malaysia 2007’ or something.

but when you think it further, being chatty and friendly is better than being quiet. and of course being kaypoh is one thing we need to avoid. chatty or friendly does not mean you are kaypoh or busy body or etc. there many positive things about being friendly. at least, a friendly person wont die of hunger if anything happens…


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