The Tale of Erra F and Marriage

Music: White Love Story by As One
Movie: Boku waimouto ni wa soru (Japanese)

Erra got married to Eg (not example guys) Emran yesterday…was it really yesterday??? i’m not really sure myself but one thing for sure dia dah kawin. thanx a mill to prudence for the wedding pics (akad nikah). she looked gorgeous, stunning…bertuah Eg Emran. Erra is a lucky girl too. serious, aku rasa sama cantik sama padan…

Erra F repeatedly said to the press, this time she wants it to e simple. no more wedding theme, marriage in a park (or was it by the lake?), and that figure things (rm 33 3333?). she had all that before. for this second marriage, dia nak yang amik yang wajib dan afdal saja…to hear her saying that, it makes me feel touched inside…good for you Erra F. I hope this marriage will last forever.

But looking at the hantaran , there are LV handbag, olympus camera (dSLR, perhaps?), a set of white gold (or is it platinum) diamond jeweleries, and etc. if this is what you mean by ‘wajib and afdal’, i want it too!!! heheh…well, celebrities, for them this is nothing. this is their lifestyle…they deserve they get all this. kalau too cheapskate, org mengata jugakkan…but one thing i like is, they exchange things that they really want and use frequently. for eg (this time, eg stands for example, not Erra F husband’s first name), Erra F gave him a glass. that’s very useful. so tahun ni dah jimat kos , takyah beli cermin mata lagi..u know how expensive a pair of glass can be..lagi2 yang berkuasa tinggi (believe me, i’m saying this based on personal experience).

I remebered about one of my friend’s or was it relative’s wedding. The girl is from Utara. Their adat, they give a lot of belas2..when i heard about this (this was a long time ago), I was quite surprised and at the same time fascinated. can u imagine, how many bags, make up, accessories (watch, jeweleries, etc.), and other branded things you can get for free??? yalah masa tu aku single mingle, so aku selalu ingat hantaran tu bende2 mcm tu. sekali aku tgk, penuh ngan kuih muih…dalambelas2 dulang tu, a few je yang goods, the others are filled with expired things like agar2, kuih jala emas, kuih tahi itik…i know we are not supposed to be materialistic. and marriage is not all about expensive things, but based on pure love bla bla (soap opera lines)…but tahi itik as a token of love???? waaaa!!!! aku boleh beli sendiri kat pasar ramadhan….tak naklah….

but above all, it’s not all about materials…materials worn, torn, faded, or gone (they can be stolen maaaaa!!!)..but love remains folded neatly deep inside your heart, forever…


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  1. U know better than me. Bye for now I’m gonna hunt for Erra’s Wedding Photos.

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