About Boku wa the Movie

Music: Joke by Ariel Lin
TV Programme: Hana Kimi Chinese New Year Special (Taiwanese)

finally, dah tengok the japanese movie of Boku waimouto ni wa soru..after almost more than 1 year of waiting…it’s been a great torture to wait for the english sub version to be released. i waited almost 1 year to get the movie after watching ‘the making’ version. the only full version available of that movie masa tu is the anime. download je lah, anime pun anime lah. recently, about 3 months ago, the movie was finally made available. but no english subs. again, download je lah, takde sub pun takde sub lah…tapi both aku tak tengok. buat menyemak hard drive aku je…dah akhirnya, last friday, i found the english sub version from one of the web. it was recently uploaded to the site. semalam tengok….and i found it…

FRUSTRATING….waa!!! after all this while of waiting and hoping…jalan cerita sangat slow, even a snail moves faster than the jalan cerita…every scene amik masa panjang sangat, and i was like ‘ok ok dah paham dah, move on lah’…tapi most of the time dia static kat situ…aduh bosannya…tapi frankly this is not so surprising as well. sebab most of the japanese movies i’ve watched memang slow. tak kiralah cite hantu ke cite apa…totally contrast with the dramas. the drama is more happening; lively and quality gambar lagi lawa…HD ke apa tak tahulah tapi kalau tengok drama diaorg memang gambar tu lawa sangat and very joyful…tapi kalau korean its different. selalunya the movie is more fun; funny, with stupidity elements here and there, fast and furious and exciting. tapi the drama pulak, depends. since they have more episodes than the japanese dramas (normally double), the story line selalunya kind of slow and ada banyak repetitions. dan banyak sangat tragedi. u know, ada je hero ni ada penyakit ni, heroin ni ada penyakit ni….cliche…but there are a lot of more fun and light korean dramas too. the story line is more normal and acceptable, reflecting the real world (taklah semua org sakit all the time)…e.g. witch yoo hee, delightful girl of choon hyang and coffee prince (so far i think this is the best).

so back to boku wa imouto, tak kisahlah, at last the waiting is over. dan akhirnya i managed to watch the whole story after watching tiny tip of different scene from the ‘the making’ version, frankly sebab the hero is matsumoto jun and the heroin is eikura nana, aku bertahan sehingga ke akhir cerita, kalau tak dah lama aku forward222, too slow man, can’t hold it…

that’s my personal review of the movie. i have some friends in malaysia who also are eagerly waiting to watch this movie. will ask them later what they think about it. maybe they’ll like it, who knows…well, matsumoto jun is there, so i believe i can expect at least one positive response from them…


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