a minister becomes national’s first astronaut?

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i read in today’s local newspaper (malaysiaa tanah tumpah negara ku tercinta) that a famous deejay from a famous radio station said on air that malaysia’s first astronaut is datuk jamaludin jarjis (excuse my spelling error). WTF??? hehehehehe aku tak tahu nak react mcm mana. nak ketawa tu of couselah ada, nak menangis pun ada…maan, how can you make such a mistake??? on air??? kalau dia mistaken dr sheikh muzaffar and kapten dr faiz (sorry, its mejar now), i think that is still acceptable. or maybe you pronounce the name wrongly, like no Dr or etc…boleh maaf lagi….but this kind of mistake is so…what? unacceptable? unbelievable? un sangka rable? i dont know what to say..i’m speechless…

if i were one of the station radio’s management people, i will definitely suspend her for…it does not matter for how long, 1 week or 2 weeks or several days, perhaps. just to express how sorry the radio station is for the mistake done (and maybe for hiring such a funny deejay). and as a punishment, make the deejay read and memorize all the minister’s names, and other important things that a citizen should know…i’m sorry if i sound rude or i’m a bit harsh. i know everybody makes mistakes, including yours truly (i make uncountable mistakes, i admit). but some mistakes are avoidable and should never be made in the first place, and the best example is this. luckily she did not say that malaysia’s first astronaut is datin serii rosmahhh since she was there masa masa dr muzaffar return to the earth. tiba2 out of a sudden, aku rasa mcm tengah cakap pasal star wars or ultraman seven pulak…kembali ke bumi…wow! (please use the same intonation as husin lempoyang’s when saying out loud that ‘wow’ term)



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3 responses to “a minister becomes national’s first astronaut?

  1. who’s that DJ?? may I know..

    I have Dutch customer in house today. “Clogs are made for walking”

  2. mykyul

    she’s very famous. ex AF student…i’m sure u know who she is…heheh

  3. ha ha ha..as I expected

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