chatting with an old friend

Music: Bila Terasa Rindu by Dafi
Drama: Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy (Korean)


i chatted with a very close friend of mine two days ago…i gave her the link to this blog in the middle of our conversation…the conversation went something like this:

Me: Zah, ni add blog aku..

Zah: ok, nak2…


Zah: Me, tak de pun, dapat bende lain…

Me: eh? jap2 aku check (I clicked the link I gave her and it turned out to be ok)

Me: ok Zah, kau click je…link tu terus direct ke blog aku

Zah: ok aku cuba…

Zah: Me, takde pun, mcm masuk tempat lain…

Me: Eh? err, mcm mana eh (I started to suspect if this got anything to do with the network..u know, malaysian network…tapi tiba22, dari mana entah, i got this idea of what went wrong…aha, i know it!)

Me: Zah!!! yang org mata2 sepet tu blog aku lah, bukan blog ah long bukit beruntung!!!!

Zah: oooo ehheeh sorry2222….

eheh zahh, rindunya aku kat kau!!! she is one of my best friends. memang sekepala, bak kata org pahang, ‘sejuing’ (not sejuling ok!) from the first time we knew each other, it seems like we are made for each other (now, both are happily in a relationship with man, so don’t get wrong idea guys!!!) hheehhe, we have so many things in common, including our fav. dish. both suka makan pulut, kuah durian, lempuk, wajik.. (traditional sehhh)..cuma satu je, dia suka nasi bubur aku tak boleh makan nasi bubur…

and right now, i do miss her so much..zah, bila kita nak jumpa?


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