is he your ahjussi, hyung, or oppa?

Music: Northern Lonely Hemisphere

Drama: Romantic Princess (Taiwan)

I watched my first korean drama err… (can’t really remember) i think, 4 years ago. it was my love patzzi, or was it the story of a bright girl? but the one that really ‘so-called’ inspired me and made me fall for korean dramas is winter sonata. i’ve heard of the drama long before i watched it. to be frank, i hated the theme song so much (too slow), sampai buat aku rasa teragak2 nak tgk cite tu. but i forced myself to borrow the cds from a friend and tried to watch the first episode because my husband and i, we planned to go to south korea for our honeymoon. and one of the itineraries was to visit nami island (if i’m not wrong, dah lupa), the famous shooting set of the drama. so in order to get the mood, i finally watched it. and the drama was soo good. i love the story line. it started from their high school days. sweet drama. and that led me to the second fav drama at that time, stairway to heaven. the lead actress is the same one as in winter sonata. but the lead actor is better. masa tu, song joo oppa (the hero’s name in the drama) was very famous among those who watched the drama. that was the first time i know what ‘oppa’ means…

since then, i watched uncountable nouns no. of korean dramas, and managed to learn few korean words (its not intentionally but they just keep rewinding in your head after hearing them so many times)…early this year, i watched ‘witch yoo hee’. i like it so much because it is a modern drama, with a lot of beautiful casts. it is a sweet and romantic one, the story line is quite cliche i must say, about how a nerd, successful, and rich girl turned out to be gorgeous after a makeover made by her good-looking house cleaner, who then she falls in love with (doesn’t make sense at all eh, where got handsome, local maid in malaysia, you know one?)…and from this drama, i know the ‘ahjussi’ term…

and the most recent one is ‘coffee prince’. i think people around me are getting bored listening to my friends and i talking about this drama. we watched it 2 times in a row (after finished watching the final episode of 17, we started back from episode 1, crazy huh?). personally, i think this is the best so far (i really mean it). soo sweetttt, beautiful casts, great and fast plot, touching but at the same time funny. it’s a wonderful drama (no wonder the rating was very high in south korea). and from this drama, i learn what ‘hyung’ and ‘dongsaeng’ mean…

i know i must be wrong somewhere. i didnt bother to check from dictionary or google them anyway. but based on my personal and humble understanding from watching all those dramas, i can briefly defined those terms as follow:

1) oppa – panggilan for a guy from a girl (woman). i think it means ‘abang’ in a ‘feeling way’. mcm mana nak explain, macam bahasa melayu jugak, abang tu kita guna utk abang kandung, utk org lebih tua, utk suami… i think oppa refers to abang yang lebih tua dari kita, is a panggilan manja or with feelings inside, it’s like when you adore a guy, u really want him to be your ‘oppa’.

2) ahjussi – panggilan utk lelaki from a girl (woman). it represents a respectful way of panggil lelaki.kalau dalam BM, aku rasa its like, ‘encik’ or ‘tuan’. particularly if the guy is stranger, OR, u know him well but you respect him so much, then you should call him ‘ahjussi’.

3) hyung and dongsaeng – panggilan utk lelaki from a guy. basically hyung ni panggilan for an older guy from a younger guy. it can be between brothers, or friends, or junior and senior (even though senior has its own term called ‘sunbae’). the older guy is called hyung and the younger one is called dongsaeng. between friends, this terms is used only between a very close buddies. like you take him as our own real brother. but in one of the dramas that i watched, a girl can also call a guy ‘hyung’, especially if they declare themselves as a very close friend or even as sworn brothers. that means, you are really close to the guy that he may take you as one of his male friends. in that drama, the guy like the girl so much but only as a friend. so he suggested that they call each other ‘hyung’ and ‘dongsaeng’. the girl agreed even though deep inside she really wants him to be her ‘oppa’ instead. i think i used to experience this kind of feelings before (entah, ingat2 lupa). that u like him ssooo much but he only like you so much as a friend. and it really hurts inside…

for me, the man i have in my life right now (of course i’m talking about my husband in particular) is my oppa (i love youu), my hyung (my gurdian and saviour), and my ahjussi (the family leader).

what about you? the man in your heart right now, under which category he basically falls in? oppa, hyung, or ahjussi?



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6 responses to “is he your ahjussi, hyung, or oppa?

  1. aireene

    Congratulation, your craziness over Korean Movies is proven!

    By the way, I’m moving to

  2. ko ni mmg giler korea ler…:P

  3. Bila nak update? Kak Mimi, may I pass your blog address to Kak Kin?

    Insya-Alla I’ll be travelling again to Paris & Vienna next month!!


    OK. Back to work.

    Take care!

  4. mykyul

    sure you can! kirim salam rindu pada kak kin. bestnya yeen, can i tag along? ehhehe..kidding!

  5. ahaks..Most likely flying on the 5th to Paris then head to Germany. Not quite sure which part, I’ll be going. The good thing is Germany is always in my Places to Visit List! I have to say I’m lucky. alhamdulillah.

  6. mykyul

    haaa bestnya!!! good for you! have a safe trip then!

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