2 weeks

Music: Fei Ni Mo Shu by Ariel Lin

Drama: One Fine Day (Korean)

dah lama tak update. bila dah lama sangat, and so many things did happened,i don’t know where to start…before i get so lazy, and finally lost the momentum, i decide to give some updates. basically the past 2 weeks were packed, hectic, tiring…anyway here are some points i want to share with u on what i went through:

a) i had an annual post graduate seminar of chem eng students in turku last thursday and friday (8-9 nov). in finland, there are 4 universities offering chem eng course. in the seminar, we had to give a presentation on our research (a short one of a 15-min duration). we were divided into 3 groups: each group had a chairman and an award committee representative. on the day before (wed), me and helenaa, we decided to gave the presentation to our lab members. actually, it was helenaa’s idea (no, it was her prof’s idea). she asked me to present as well since both of us are going to the seminar. macam reherseal lah. to be frank, aku lebih nervous to present in front of the lab members rather than in the seminar.  sebab lab tu org kenal kita (so aku malu, since when eh?). plus lab banyak doctorates, so that makes me more nervous. we brought cookies because the presentation took place in the coffee room, during the morning coffee break (yes, they have twice coffee breaks a day). the presentation went well, i got a few questions and a comment telling me to remember where actually my audience are. helenaa was having a hard time. i think basically because most of the audience are people from her lab. they know what she’s doing, so they can asked a lot (really a lot!). lepas present, prof aku datang, gave some input for me to modify the power points. esok pagi i left home at 6.20 am, took a bus to the train station, arrived in helsinki railway st. around 7 am, and the train to turku will leave only at 7.35 am. takpe aku sanggup tunggu dari tertinggal. i saw cheng huii, he also headed to the same seminar. good, at least i had someone to talk to while waiting. we had a seat very close to each other even though we bought the tickets separately, surprise2. then helena came, 5 min before the train left. she lives in helsinki, biasalah selalunya org paling dekat sampai paling lewat (sama lah macam dulu aku keje, tinggal dalam kawasan keje tapi sampai selalu plg lewat). sampai sana, we took a cab to the university. we registered, had a drink and a bun before the opening ceremony started. then the presentation started in 3 separate rooms. i was the second presenter in the first room. it went wel alhamdulillah. i tried so hard not to exceed the 15 min given because i’m afraid the chairman will asked me to stop before i reached the conclusion (like what happened to the presenter before me). malangnya, since i finished quite early, there’s a lot of time left, the chairman asked the audiences to ask A LOT of questions (menyesal aku). the questions from the opponents were ok (answerable). basically each student needs to be an opponent to the other student.since banyak masa lagi lepas tu, questions from other people pun ada. the Qs from the director of the graduate association and the chairman alhamdulillah ok boleh jawab. but then there was this guy, quite mysterious. we didnt know him. he sat in the front. he asked me a lot of questions and the Qs were harsh. it was …apa eh, hard i must say. dia mcm ye ye oo mempertahankan apa pendapat dia about my research, and i answered him based on what i believe is right. it went quite tough, smapai satu tahap, both of us were loud. tapi truly, kalau untuk kebaikan aku terima, of course i will take the constructive comments to improve my work, kalau tak ngok lah aku kan. tapi kalau bende tu tak betul, and we know that he misunderstood something, kita tak boleh ye ye je. that’s not healthy. so kita mesti stand to what we believe and we actually do. last2 dia ok and dia senyum. i dont really know if that smile means he agreed or dalam hati dia ‘whatever’…hehehe and it’s ok with me, for me it was a beautiful experience. i never had that kind of experience before. and i dont know where that defensive punya attitude come from. but i glad i went through that. last2 baru aku tahu org tu is the award punya committee..man!!! hahaha, sah2 markah aku rendah…hahaha…then this girl, dia punya turn lagi kesian. she almosy cried. i dont blame her, if i were her, maybe i’ve already did. he asked her to write the eqaution on the board, bla bla and explained why her results does not obey the theory. it was tough but after the presentation i saw the girl and the prof discussed. the prof taught him something. then i knew that the prof was a really nice guy. his intention was to help the students to prepare for the defense and to improve the works. at the end of the presentation i simply said thanks to him…heheeh, i really feel i do…lepas tu, we had a tour to several labs in the U. then we went to the hotel. it was a great hotel. me and helenaa, we shared the room together. then at 7 pm we had a museum tour and a dinner in a big old ship. turku is a famous city for ships manufacture, they even get orders from the caribean manufacture cruises. in the museum they showed us one of the room in the caribean cruise, the room is much bigger than our hotel room. ada bath tub lagi. mcm cite titanic pulak. at dinner, everything went ok. the waiter asyik risau aku pasal aku ada diet constraint. so i had different meal as the main dish, i had fish, org lain chicken. tapi since org lain buffet dan aku punya served, dia bagi aku ikan besar gila pasal aku takleh nak tambah2. nak mati aku makan pasal tak habis kang kesian pulak org dah bagi, last2 aku makan lah apa terdaya. tak larat aku, takut kena cacing banyak sangat makan ikan.

after the dinner, kami balik. me and helenaa, we watched csi miami (i always like horatio more than the other two). tiba2 dia cakap, boleh tak nak tanya something, apa agama aku? aku jawab lah Islam. dia cakap aku tahu kan dia agama apa. aku jawab yes. then dia cakap boleh ke kalau kita nak bincang about agama. aku cakap yes sure, so we had a loongggg talk about our agama that i didnt even remember what time we slept hari tu cuma bila aku bangun aku pening2. tu maknanya tak cukup tidolah. perbualan to more to dia nak tahu lebih lanjut pasal Islam. macam mana agama dia dan mine berbeza. dia tanya konsep keimanan, tauhid, pasal nabi, pasal kitab (Al-Quran) and many others. dia cite pasal hers as well. aku doa masa tu yg penting aku mesti bg the right answer about my agama, jgn aku pulak menjadik fitnah kepada agama. and always make others  to know how easy, simple and beautiful islam is. dont talk about bersunat in  the first conversation esp if that friend is a guy. he’ll be freaking out. even though sekarang ramai non muslims pun bersunat for hygienic purpose, but still ada org yg tahu abt this. but i was soo glad we had this conversation. the fact that she was so open minded, she respects  other people’s religion, she listens well as i explained and i listen well too, both of us were satisfied. for me yg penting dia tahu what islam really is. pasal dia yg tanya dulu. and yg penting dia dapat the right message about islam and does not make her own perceptions or etc..

better stop here. still got point b), c) , d), e) to go. but later. need to go to the wc. emergency call. so laterrrr….


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