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am watching separuh akhir muzik2 22, category balada. it’s the fifth song now. a quick note on the song entitled ceritera kasih, sang by jaclyn victor and Lah VE.  the original singers are jaclyn and another guy, but Lah replacing him because of some reasons. the song was great. i really like the song dari dulu, but to watch Lah and Jac sang it, it was superb! Lah really has a great voice, unbelievable. both of them had a good chemistry singing that song together. bravo!  in fact they looked good together (crazy eh?). i hope the song will make it through to the final. by now the results are already there, tapi tak nak check. nak suprise. kalau tak no use of watching it anymore. ct nurhalizaa, she sang very well too. suara dia memang sedap, undeniable. but the song, tak tahu, personally i dont really into it. it’s not catchy enough. a forgettable song. banyak lagi lagu dia yg lain sedap2, hmm wonder why she decided to have that one in the competition. but it’s not all about sedap di telinga, it’s about the quality of the song anyway. and i believe they know better about that compared to us, the listeners…heheh..well2…anyway, aku harap jac and Lah will go through! (pity the composer and the lyricist heheh)…



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2 responses to “quick note

  1. WOW, I’m here in MALAYSIA. Yet never have time to watch anything. Envy you!

    BTW, I’m getting lazier to update the blog, I think wordpress is ‘slow’. Most likely going back to previous space. I don’t know 😦

  2. mykyul

    u know what, if i were in malaysia, i wont have a chance to watch all theseas well..banyak lagi bend lain nak buat, like..err going to pasar malam! hehehe

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