duniaa baruu yay!

aku, bila dah datang semangat naga ke 7, mulalah update every 5 minute. anyway, just a short one. dunia barru season 3 dah start. the first episode was awesome. i really missed the drama, suka nyaaa bestt. it is definitely my fav malay drama so far. hopefully opie akan together with muhammad adiff (kap ba ro kap alif ta nun-keberkatan! only those who watched the drama understand this hehe). i like them together…sweet..or maybe they are sweet for being friends and not a couple? i dont know, just have to wait for the next episodes…



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3 responses to “duniaa baruu yay!

  1. Kak Mimi, should watch Iris!

  2. mykyul

    i’m currently following ‘iris’. jalan cite bagus, tapi susah aku nak terima sebab hero tua hahahah..sorry, cant help it hehehehe

  3. rosyam? ha ha..Don’t fancy any of them except Rita Rudaini. I would say she’s a good actress.

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