point (b)

Music: Dewi by Dewa

Drama: One Fine Day (Korean)

to be frank, dah takde mood nak update pasal point b, c, etc ni. in fact, i dont even remember what are the point c, etc. so a brief on point b):

 erlinnn’s defense

the next day after i left to turku, erlin had her defense. dalam banyak2 tarikh, time tu jugaklaahh ada 2 important things happened at one time…so me and helenaa, we decided to leave early from the seminar. after the first presentation, we took a cab to the railway station. we arrived in helsinki at 12 noon an erlinnn’s defense was supposed to  start at 12. we ran like crazy and grabbed a cab. entah taxi sapa2, main masuk je. rasa mcm amazing race pulak, asal jgn kena sumpah seranah ngan org sudah…rasa lama sangat dalam taxi tu, felt like ages. yalah bila kita nak cepat memang rasa mcm tu. sampai kat sekolah, terus berlari ke hall dengan luggage. adakah aku peserta akademii fantasia yg tersingkir???

anyway, i sat beside kimi and annar. kimm said she just started about 3 minutes. alhamdulillah sempat sampai. the presentation took about 45 min if im not mistaken. erlinn was beautiful, very stylish, in a long black suit, with contact lense and a shining shoes (mesti baru beli!) her prof, took photos banyak gila. well-equipped with his slr canon camera, dengan long lense, click22222 banyak kali, flash here and there all over the hall, ke sini ke sana dalam dewan tu amik gambar. tak dengar un si erliinn tu defense….hahaha, until a one point, he doesnt look like a prof anymore but more like a paparazzi..serious! a paparazzi wearing a tuxedo! after the presentation, there went the defense session. the opponent summarized her work, erliinnn read out a standard speech, announcing that te defense session is now begin. i think the whole process and formality buat goosebump aku naik. the defense session went so well. the opponent is definitely a very nice prof. he asked a lot of brilliant questions but in a very good way. so u (i mean erliinn) will feel good inside…that’s important rather than asking questions harshly. dahlah student tu ketakutan, kalau kena tanya mcm dalam court, or even worse, macam kena soal siasat, there might be a probaility we can wee in our pants. then, erliin read another announcement, inviting audinces to ask questions. nobody asked anything. that’s how usually things go. y bother asking he now if u can asked her for 10 hours in a row the next day at her home, etc.  kesianlah kan, org tu dah nervous semacam. i hope tradition ni continue utk junior2 akan datang hehehe.

the whole event ended at 2 pm. according to seniors, this is one of the fastest defense so far. meaning erlinn did so well. after the opponent summarized everything, we went for a coffee and cake (amalan wajib). before that we need to queue and congratulate her one by one in person. suddenly out of the blue, aku rasa terharu pulak. tak boleh tahan dah, aku cuba macam2 tak nak emotional pasal ramai org seh. lagipun kenapa nak emtional??? i’m not even in the picture. majlis org lain aku pulak yg terharu. bila sampai turn aku, habis hujan turun (i cried). i just cannot bear it anymore. we hugged. deep down i think the reason y i cried was because i felt so happy for her, and i was very proud of her. i’m close to her so i know she really deserved it.

to my friend Erlinnn, congratulation! you’ve made it!


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