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 nothing much. just wanna post my fav scene from my fav ‘feel good’ drama of all time, coffee prince. but before the clip makes u confused, the heroin is the one who received the phone call. yes, true. she looks like a boy, a pretty boy to be accurate. but that’s what the drama is all about. in the beginning (not really beginning, it was from episode 1 to 10, out of 16 episodes), the hero thought the girl is a guy, so he hired her to work in his coffee shop that employs men employees only. the girl was so desperate for a job (because she just lost 2 of her jobs), she just went along with that false thoughts of the hero. along the way, the hero developed a feeling towards her (who he thought as ‘him’), but he can hardly admitted himself for being a gay. he went to see a psychiatric for advices about his identity but the psychiatric was a slop. because of reputation, family and friends (he grows up in a well-reputation family), he decided to draw a distance from the girl to stop himself from feeling that way to the girl. but that made his life more miserable, and after a thorough thinking, he decided to just go with it and ignore what other people might say about him being a gay. he revealed to the girl about his feelings and surprisingly (to him, not to us – the audience), she always have a feeling for him as well. his famous line for that scene is,

‘i dont care it anymore if you are a man or an alien, i like you’

yes, this happens only in a drama or a movie, i reality, will u fall in love with someone who looks like E.T.?

so here’s the famous amos clip from the drama:

below is the same clip (shorter one) with english sub. it just that i hate it that the uploader cut the scene (she focused only on the hero’s face, wonder why eh? hehe), so the jalan cite was not complete.

sweet o sweet. but is this real??? what do you think guys?


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